Prey For Me (Fantasy/Suspence)

(Directed by Alexander Verdova & John Galbraith | Cinematographer(s) Alexander Verdova & Paul Zakrzewski)

"Prey For Me" (Plot): Helen Haynes is a court clerk who is infatuated with the mysterious tracks of a serial killer named Robert Wilkins Jebidon. Haynes' obsession drives her through this twisted fantasy about a woman's desire to be noticed by a homicidal monster.
Genre: Fantasy/Suspense/Horror
Tagline: A woman's dream to be noticed, plays out in the most gruesome way.
Other Resources: News: "Prey For Me" a Cleveland 48 Hour Film

Helen Haynes: Jocelyn Wrzosek
Robert Wilkins Jebidon: John Galbraith
Newscaster: Alexander Verdova
Hospital Orderly: Jason O'Laughlin
911 Operator: Mitchell Lathrop
Victim on Phone: Lisa Galbraith
Detective Horice Finn: Daniel Brooks
Extras: Jami Galbraith & Allison Perrett

Executive Producer: Alexander Verdova
Associate Producer: Paul Zakrzewski, Alex & Loxene Verdova
Directed by Alexander Verdova & John Galbraith
Cinematographer(s): Alexander Verdova & Paul Zakrzewski
Production Manager: Aislinn Story
Written By: John Galbraith, Alexander Verdova & Paul Zakrzewski
Edited by: Mitchell Lathrop
Sound/Foley: Benjamin Stewart
Lighting: Mitchell Lathrop
Special Effects: Mary Sanducci, Thomas Parks & Jay O'Laughlin
Music by: & Final Cut Pro Soundbooth
Photography & Props: Brian Kerber
Props: Allison Perrett & Brooke Springer
Gaffer(s): Jason O'Laughlin & Andrew Pivnicka
Location(s): West Cleveland, OH, Lakewood, OH
Format: DV, color