Heteroflexible (Comedy)

(Directed by Bernard F. Bunye | Director of Photography Alexander Verdova)

"Heteroflexible" (Plot): A group of college kids delve into the mysteries of sexual orientation within a college library in this quirky comedy.
Genre: Comedy

Linus: Jason Yachanin
Walt: Nicholas J. Peterka
Beckett: Chris Dickman
Sophia: Lyndsey Lantz
Kate: Jennifer Tobias
Bianca: Claudia Lief
Wes: Evan Fairchild
Joan: Elizabeth M. Snider
Dad: Jack B. Winget
Mom: Antoinette Winget
Andy: Alexander Verdova
Representative: Jack Goodall

Produced By: Bernard F. Bunye, Nicholas J. Peterka & Alexander Verdova
Directed by Bernard F. Bunye
Director of Photography: Alexander Verdova
Written By: Nicholas J. Peterka & Bernard F. Bunye
Edited by: Alexander Verdova
Location(s): Oberlin, OH, Cleveland, OH, Strongsville, OH, Homerville, OH
Format: DV, color